General Presidents Agreement Alberta

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General Presidents Agreement Alberta

General Presidents Agreement Alberta: What You Need to Know

The General Presidents Agreement (GPA) is a collective labor agreement that has been in place in the construction industry for nearly 60 years. It is a binding agreement between the Building Trades of Alberta and the Construction Labour Relations – Alberta, representing the unionized construction workers and the contractors, respectively. The GPA sets the standard for wages, benefits, and working conditions in the province and is considered a crucial tool in providing stability and predictability for the construction industry.

Key Features of the General Presidents Agreement

The GPA sets the minimum wages for construction workers in Alberta, along with other benefits such as health and welfare, pension, and vacation pay. The agreement also puts in place a framework for dispute resolution, which is essential in resolving conflicts that may arise between the parties involved.

One significant feature of the GPA is the market recovery provision (MRP). The MRP is a mechanism that allows for wage and benefit increases to keep pace with the economic conditions in the industry. Under the MRP, when the construction industry is doing well, the wages and benefits for workers will increase accordingly. Conversely, if the industry experiences a downturn, the wages and benefits will be reduced to reflect the economic conditions.

The GPA also establishes a jurisdictional dispute resolution process (JDRP) to resolve disputes between unions over which union should do specific work or which craft is entitled to work on a project based on their skill sets and training.

Why is the General Presidents Agreement Important?

The construction industry is vital to Alberta`s economy, creating jobs and driving economic growth. The GPA provides a level of stability and predictability, ensuring that the wages and benefits of construction workers remain competitive and fair. The agreement also helps to reduce labor disputes, which can result in delays and increased costs for construction projects.

The GPA is a product of the collective bargaining process, where both unions and contractors come to the table to negotiate and agree on the terms of the agreement. It reflects the needs and wants of both parties and demonstrates the power of collaboration and cooperation between labor and management.


The General Presidents Agreement is a crucial tool for the construction industry in Alberta. It sets the standard for wages, benefits, and working conditions, providing stability and predictability to the industry. The agreement is a testament to the power of collective bargaining and serves as a model for other industries to follow. By working together, unions, and contractors can create a more prosperous and fair economy in Alberta.

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