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Lisbon Agreement Slideshare

The Lisbon Agreement is an international treaty that provides for the protection of appellations of origin and their international registration. It was signed in 1958 in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, and came into force in 1966.

The Lisbon Agreement is administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and is currently ratified by 27 countries. It allows for the international registration of appellations of origin, which are defined as geographical indications that identify a product as originating in a particular territory or region, where the quality, reputation, or other characteristic of the product is attributable to its geographical origin.

The agreement also provides a simplified registration process for those seeking international protection for their appellations of origin. It enables applicants to file a single application with WIPO, which then reviews the application and, if approved, registers the appellation of origin in the International Register.

Slideshare is a popular platform that enables users to upload and share presentations, documents, and infographics. It offers a great opportunity for individuals and organizations to share information and knowledge, and also to promote their brands and products.

There are many slideshows available on Slideshare that cover the Lisbon Agreement. These slideshows provide a convenient way of accessing information about the treaty and its provisions. Some slideshows offer an overview of the Lisbon Agreement and its importance in protecting appellations of origin, while others provide a detailed analysis of the agreement`s provisions and their impact on trade and commerce.

If you are interested in learning more about the Lisbon Agreement, you can search for relevant slideshows on Slideshare. You can also find additional information about the treaty on the WIPO website and other reputable sources.

In conclusion, the Lisbon Agreement is an important international treaty that provides for the protection of appellations of origin and their international registration. If you are involved in international trade or work in a related field, it is important to be familiar with the provisions of the agreement and how they may impact your work. Slideshare offers a convenient way of accessing information and knowledge about the Lisbon Agreement and other important topics in the field of intellectual property.

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